You’d Be Angry Too


“What’s So Interesting About A Bookcase?” He Said

What’s So Interesting?

Wee Houses


View From An Ashen Window


Venice Kinda

Venice Bench Kinda

Urban Pocket Sketch #5

Urban Pocket Sketch #4

Urban Pocket Sketch #3

Urban Pocket Sketch #2

Urban Pocket Sketch #1

Untitled Pants Series #1

Until Now

Three Posted Stamps

Thingy Thing Sati Would Like Dedicate This To Frogdog

Summerbridge Sketch


Stealth Beach Gnomes

Snowboarder’s eCard

Sketchbook (Urban) 3

Sketchbook (Urban) 2

Sketch Book (Urban) 1

Sketchbook #2

Sketchbook #1

Saturday Uptown


Poncing About

Pavement Study

Painting #1

Outside Vital

Old Post Office Living Room

Number #5

Number #4

Number #3

Number #2

Nothing Over There

Not Probable

Not In My House

No Man In The Shower

No Coincidence


Merrily Merrily


Locker Room

Landscape Blah Blah

Knaresborough Gorge

Inspire Bones

Image 106

I Love Hockney

I Draw What I See

Hockney Poolside

Harewood Road Preliminary Sketch

Hambleton Preliminary Sketch

Green Woodlandscape

From Where I Sit

Forward & Face

Forsaken Sketch


Flying Turtle

First Inspiration

Faith, Logic & Departure

Epac Doodle


Drypoint 3

Dry Point

Dreamt Of


Corridor Of Memo

Coach 2

Check His Jeep Seat


Bus Stop

Books Mean Nothing

Bed In Road


Angelfish Under-Siege

An Untitled Gatepost

An Audience For My Unbroadcasted Chat Show

After Oz Lion

Activity In Middle Ground

A World Through My Eyes But Slightly Obscured By My Hat

A Strachan Landscape

A French Meadow Too

A French Meadow

34 Hours From Venice

18b Living Room

Robin Hood’s Bay 2

Robin Hood’s Bay

Cow’s Bum

Sutton Bank


Almscliffe Crag 8

Almscliffe Crag 7

Almscliffe Crag 6

Almscliffe Crag 5

Almscliffe Crag 4

Almscliffe Crag 3

Almscliffe Crag 2

Almscliffe Crag 1

What You Won’t See If You Came Round For Tea

Wee Houses Again

Water Closet Land And Wallscape 2

Water Closet Land And Wallscape

Train Journey Imagine Sky

Through The Bit Down Here

The Mokey In The Corner Wrote The Lesson In His Book

The Look She Gave Me

The Jacob Smith House – Shortly Before It’s Unnecessary Demolition

The Bridge At Hornbeam Park

Stay On Target, Stay On Target – Almost There

St James Park

Sitting Stubbornly Too

Seat Of Democracy

My Coffee Addiction And Her Tamagotchi Care Trance Syndrome

Monkey Tofu Safari

Momentarily Trapped & Re-Located Against My Will


Me & My Shadow

London Eye 2

London Eye & Buckingham Palace From St. James Park

London Eye 1

Like Mistakes

Light Drawing (Location Sketch)

Light Drawing 8

Light Drawing 7

Light Drawing 6

Light Drawing 5

Light Drawing 4

Light Drawing 3

Light Drawing 2

Light Drawing 1


Just Before I Collided With The Sides Of The Bridge And Slightly Damaged My Shins I Was Going Whoosh Whoosh To Myself

It Was Colder Than It Looked And I Was Steaming Inside

I Regretted Not Going Out In A Jumper And I Arranged To Meet Mum In Cafe Rouge

I Can’t See The Woods For The Trees Etc. Etc.

Focus Isn’t Everything

Consolidated Catalina

Ccess Only

Castle & The Old

Bus Station

Buckingham Palace

Boys Toys Safari

At The Risk Of Repeating Myself We Are Here On Earth And There Aint No Cure For That

Around The Back Up And Through

Around The Back

Annoyed By My Own Compulsive & Self Destructive Nature

And Finally Up There

A Surprise Text An Old Hunched Lady And A Huge Mug Of Earl Grey, Hot

A Public Region

5 O’Clock Show