Hus Higham

Bespoke Architectural Portraits Of Your House :: As can be seen by the work on this site, I favour a hyper-expressionist style of painting. If you want o get in contact with me to paint your house as an artist, then please email me at [email protected].

I can work with a photo – or if it is good weather – I will sit out front and sketch in the facade using Biro. I prefer to fill in the water colour at a later date, back in my studio – the British weather is not the most conducive to paint with water-colours. I charge a very fair commission for a bespoke piece of art – a keep-sake of the times you lived there.

Urban Sketching :: using a mixture of Biro and Water Colours, I will be able to present to you a finished piece of art that is a keep-sake and a reminder of the days and years spent at an address. Each piece is unique and on a commission basis.

When on site, I pencil in the sketch and then embellish it with watercolours – bringing out the details with Biro. I repeat as much as necessary until the work reaches fruition. Multiple layers are built up on top of each other until both I and the client are happy. Or until I get bored.

Original / Commission work starts around £150 (depending on the job) – however, this is for water colours. If you are wanting me to paint in oils then it will cost about £300+.

As ever, all jobs vary – the best way to get a quote is to email me at [email protected].


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