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This is The Outpost. The latest in a very long list of 47 places i have called home.

I blew in on the breeze of good karma and landed here in Pateley Bridge, squarely on my feet, about 5 weeks ago now as a result of luck and a good plan finally realised.

Its fantastic to have a place of my own again, somewhere the kids and i can settle, grow and have fun after what has been a traumatic couple of years for us all since the separation. We’re all friends again now just as it should be. No one needs to hold on to disappointment, blame and hate for any longer than is necessary, especially when there are young children involved and mutual friends feeling uncomfortable…


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These are two thirds of my happy kids enjoying a little stone circle they discovered in a friend’s garden.


To bring my blog up to date, it has been an interesting 12 months:

i had the privilege of being sent to Kuwait with Paragon Creative in January to help on the final stages of a Space Museum Installation,:

Saascc. #kuwait. Opening soon.

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The Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre #kuwait

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I will share some pics from inside the museum and the props Paragon built at some point, i have to check the status of the NDA i inevitably signed. What an amazing experience that was is probably about as much as i am allowed to say for now, i will just leave the words “space”, “museum” and “lifelong sci fan” here as a place holder for you to ponder.

It was the first time in 30 years i had been back to the middle east since growing up there as a child. I was overwhelmed by childhood memories in Abu Dhabi triggered by the heat, smell, sound and tastes of Kuwait. Given the context of everything that happened over the previous 24 months, Kuwait was the perfect reminder of who i am, where i came from…

Corniche by night #kuwait

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and where i am going.


I returned from Kuwait with a renewed sense of purpose and a plan.

New studio. The Shed. #artistslife

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Having tried a coworking/shared space studio with other creative (sensitive) types before i realised i needed my own space. There is only so long that even complimentary creative egos will tolerate each other’s dramas, nuances and processes in a shared space (in my experience) and i for one realised that for my own personal practice i do not need the distraction or interference. So…yeah, i moved into my new studio above a friend’s workshop in Harrogate and began painting again.

#finished #selfportrait with #fish on #head. #oilpainting

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State of the #studio #artistslife

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Aside from a couple of commissions, freelance stuff, regular bread and butter work and the implementation of some projects for next year i think you’re basically all caught up… will take a few posts to find my blogging voice again i am sure.


Big Thanks to Andrew Backhouse Design for bringing all my various web threads together in one place. He does the website design thing and is My Man For That. Check him out.



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